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Dr. Johann Sollgruber on Boosting Cooperation in the Danube Region

"The Danube Business Forum is the ideal meeting platform of political and business leaders to forge even stronger ties, and it pioneers unique kind of cooperation.​​ ​​​​It provides the foundations for creating regional partnerships in business. The EU-Strategy lives from the active involvement of entrepreneurs.​​ The Danube Business Forum aims to encourage partnerships between companies, cities and regions. It encourages business-to-business meetings, and supports links with knowledge providers such as research institutes and universities. In this year's Danube Business Forum you will meet trade and finance experts and you can get things straight how you can benefit from funds for setting up your business. South-East Europe and the Danube Region must continue to be in the focus of exporters and traders against the background of international trade disputes. Business links and trade generate wealth, peace and growth."

Best Regards

Mag. Dr. Johann Sollgruber, fmr. Head of Representation of the European Commission in Austria, Trade Counsellor of the EU, Vienna

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